Sunday, 5 April 2015

The easter egg hunt. By the children.

We decided to have an Easter egg hunt. Despite the  predojuce prediguice bias that is an egg hunt, we did it anyway. We thought about having it in a nearby park. But I had a concern. Five year olds. Picture the scene...
"come on Timmy, we are going to be late!"
''but mummy, its easter! we can't go to the park on easter!''
"we can and we will. pack your bags, we're going in the car..."
*at the park*
"mummy, i'll meet you at the playground!''
"ok, dear."
*Timmy stops abruptly at a large pile of chocolate.*
"errrr... i'll catch you up!"
*moments later. all the eggs are gone and Timmy's mouth is covered in a brown, sweet substance*
us: "get him!!!!!!"
that is why we decided on an 'at home'. thank you for reading and happy easter from the family. 

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